Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday...and a cold one at that!
This morning it is about -8...and said to be -28 with windchill...um....no thanks to that one! Alas, I am very thankful for our heater (and our little space heater...his name is Jasper!).

The weekend has again past us by. Short-lived as always. I don't think anything was too spectacular. Here are the highlights:
*I ran with a running group at 8 on Saturday morning.
*Ken and Colin rode 3.5 hours
*Errin and I played with wedding stuff...eeek :-D
*Ken worked all day Sunday :-(
*I cleaned...but not nearly enough
Yeah that is about it :-/

Monday was a little more "exciting." Normally I do not work at my office on Mondays, but I had a new patient with acute pain, so I braved the cold weather and went in. She plays volleyball with Errin and she is super cool-so that made it even more worth it! When I got home, Jasper and I went out for a run. BAD IDEA. It ended up being -8 with windchill...the temp was okay, but the wind was K.I.L.L.E.R! I thought my face was going to fall off-and it was mostly covered. Jasper was not overly thrilled either (especially because I put one of my vests on him...pictures to come)..I have never seen him run for the car faster!

I am very thankful that today is a rest day and I do not have to try to brave the ridiculous conditions! Much cleaning to be had tonight....and sooooo excited Jeff and Karina will be here Thursday!! Yippppeeee!!!!

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