Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Long time no blog...but for good reason :-)  Let me get there...hmmmm....

Last week was fine, pretty normal until Thursday night....after youth group, Ken and I made the trek down to the airport to pick up....Jeff and Karina!!! Yup, that's right...my brother and beautifully pregnant sister-in-law came to visit! Their flight came in about 10:10 so that made for a little bit of a late night, but it was beyond worth it. We said our hellos and then piled back into the truck because it was a bit chilly outside. I sat in the back with Karina and Jasper (who was VERY excited to meet them!). Jasper was the sweetest thing and laid his chin on Karina's belly. It was like he knew someone was inside there! Cute!! After a little tour of the house and some catching up, we all hit the sack. It was after 1 in the morning! WHAT?!

Friday morning was nice and leisurely. We got up and had some breakfast (oven pancakes with bacon...mmmm). Karina came with a cold so she didn't sleep too well, but she was a total trooper! Post-meal time and a little lounging, Ken and Jeff headed out to some boy-stores and Karina braved Sprouts and King Soopers with me. I think she was impressed with my stores ;-) The rest of the day we hung out around the house and watched some movies and just enjoyed each others company. Around 5:30 we started getting ready to head out for dinner. Hello Rock Bottom Brewery...I love you! We had a delicious meal. Oh my goodness I was full and then headed to Red Mango for some frozen yogurt. HEAVEN!! It was a perfect evening!

Saturday Ken and I were a little more ambitious. We got up and worked out: him riding an hour and a half and me running 10 miles. Great way to start the day. We had some eggs and fruit and bagels when we got home. We all lazily showered and drove into Boulder to walk around Pearl Street Mall. During our little outing, it began to snow-HARD. It was like our own little blizzard. We walked briskly back to the car (my legs were so tired already!) and headed to Superior for some lunch. We indulged in some Chic-fil-a followed by drinks at Sonic's Happy Hour. Can't beat that! At home, Karina may have gotten us addicted to a TV show called Hoarders. It made me want to quit my jobs and go clean and organize people's houses. I would be AMAZING at that job-I love to get rid of things!! At 5:30 I started making dinner (steak, mashed potatoes and asparagus=delish!). Errin came over and hung out with us while Jeff and Ken partook in the Wii experience. They had way too much fun playing virtual sports! We called it a night much and hit the sack!

Sunday morning Ken and I ditched church. I know I know...tisk tisk...but it was our last day with Jeff and Karina and we took full advantage. We had Swedish pancakes for breakfast (another of Ken's favorites) and did some more hanging out. We took a little field trip to Target which was a blast. We played with baby things and strollers and all of that fun stuff. Karina even added to her baby registry....we have cool things in Colorado ;-) At home we had some lunch (tacos!!!) and then it was time to get ready to head to the airport-booo! It was so sad to see them leave so soon...but we sure had a blast seeing them. Crazy thing is, next time we see them, their family will be of 3!!! So excited to meet my little niece in May!!

I do have pictures-I actually took some! But...I left my cord at home. Silly me! Tomorrow, tomorrow!
Monday was filled with church work and errands and baking and laundry and sheets and running 5.5 miles and a great night of TV shows. I felt very accomplished.

Now it is Tuesday and my busy-ish day at work has been rescheduled to tomorrow due to snowy roads and cold temps. Unpredictable in Colorado as always!
Until next time....with pictures ;-)

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