Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas time!

Good morning! I have finally found 10 minutes to hop on here and fill you in on our awesome holidays!
Last week, Ken, Jaspy and I headed for Wyoming after work on Wednesday. I ended up working a little later than expected and our trip took a little longer due to some weather and animals on the sides of the road, but we eventually made it there at about 1:20 Thursday morning. Jasper was so excited to get out of the truck and act like a crazy animal in the snow :-)

Thursday we tried to sleep in, but Jasper was too excited to get out and play. He took Ken outside for about 40 minutes before breakfast time. He is like having a kid, I'll tell ya! We spent the day hanging out at home, running a couple errands and playing outside. It was absolutely beautiful out!! Ken and I went running in the the snow...slowest hard workout of my life! Hehehe

 Jasper jumps for snowballs!

 Driving the Jeep into town...

 Getting the Jeep stuck in the snow...

 Getting the Jeep unstuck....

 Friday involved some more lounging. I read a book while I was there! It had been so long!! I went running on the was pretty icy, but I didn't fall once!

Christmas morning was full of excitement. We had a blast opening presents, but for me the highlight is always Jasper!
Here he is opening some treats:

 So excited!!

 Will work for cookies!

 Ken got the sweetest hat! He is loving wearing it while shoveling the driveway!

 Jasper and his second present...

 Licking his chops already!

 Bootsie thought Jasper was a little bit crazy....Jasper couldn't wait to get that frisbee out!

 So tired!

 Later in the day, we set out on a snowshoeing adventure. Ken was on his skis and Rene' and I were on snowshoes. Jasper only had his feet...poor Jasper!

 What a pretty boy!

 Following in Ken's tracks was a little easier...

And then I forgot I had a camera!
I spent my birthday going to church, having a yummy Mexican lunch and chilling in the house watching it snow. It was perfect.

Monday was more hanging out and playing in the snow. Ken and Rob went out on the snowmobiles and Rene', Jasper and I had our own little adventure in the snow. It involved and an SUV, a truck and a tow strap :-) It was a fun adventure!!

Tuesday we drove home and it was nice and dry. And from then on it has been work! We finally had a nice snow storm so driving has  been a bit of a challenge. Gotta love the snow!
I think that is all for now :-) Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Thank you for all of the pictures! And THANK YOU for coming. We so enjoyed you visit - the presents and YOUR COMPANY!!!