Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas morning and a race!

Hi there....Merry Christmas week!!! So excited!!

I have something special for you...a weekend full of pictures!

First off...Saturday was Christmas morning in our house....so Ken and I were both up at 6ish...we are such kids still! I was super excited for Jasper to open his presents ;-)

Here are my cute boys having coffee in bed (Jasper is stealing some whipped cream off the top!)

 Jasper was excited to open his stocking and devoured a Beggin' Strip!

Time to open his present-he stole it from the box and ran around the house pulling off the paper. It was precious!

 Jasper with a bow...and crazy eyes!
 Thanks for our awesome gifts Mom and Dad :-D

Guess what is in the blanket?...

A sleepy Jasper (this was post 7+ mile run!). We had a blast running in the sunshine!

 After our run (Jasper and I that is), we all got dressed and ready to head to Lyons for Ken's last race of the year. It was COLD! Like, really cold! Jasper stayed in the car so I could focus on Ken's race and so he didn't freeze!

Colin was going to race before Ken, but got a flat tire right before his race started!! Total bummer!!!

Here is the picture recap (thanks to Errin!)

 I concentrate really hard at handing water bottles!

 Bike racing or mountain climbing? hmmmmm

 Oh yeah....First Place....Good job Husband!
 And Jasper! hehe

We stayed and waited to see how Ken did in the series...he took 4th overall!!! Even though he only had points from 3 races and the best 4 out of 5 counted. Way to go!!!

Post-racing, we went to Errin and Colin's for a delicious Prime Rib dinner. Holy Moly was it good! Thanks guys!! Jasper was very well behaved (for the most part)! Jasper got to open another Christmas present!! A new Kong and treats!!! He was THRILLED!!!

Sunday was a little quieter, thank goodness! We did the church thing, went on a ride...together :-) and just hung out! So nice!!

Yesterday was a full of errands, laundry, interval running (wowzers are my legs tired today!) and dogs cookie baking ;-) I am stiff recovering today...hehe..

Now it is a full day at work followed by packing when we get home. Gonna be a long one!

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