Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Friday

Hello Friday, how I have missed you :-)

I am super excited that it is the end of the "work week"-kinda. I get to work Sunday, but that's fun because I get to hang out with my cool husband at that work. ;-)

Let's see what coolness has happened this week...

Lots of running, lots of meetings and a little acupuncture. Oh so good!

Yesterday was a little crazy, I was all over Boulder and Louisville. Ken went to a meeting/party to check out the Trek Cycling Team. The jury is still out on that one. Last night was our student Christmas party and what a party it was. It was utter chaos! Running, screaming, frosting kids....yeah that's right, we frosted kid's faces with icing. That is what you do in Youth Ministry. Ken was on the winning team-lucky duck ;-) And Jasper thought it was awesome, especially when kids dropped pizza on the floor.

We had our leadert party after that and needless to say, it ended up being a late night. Anytime we get home at 11-it is a "late night"! Ken literally had to kick my behind out of bed this morning-so I could shower first! Thanks for that ;-)

Today should be fun. I actually have several patients, so that makes things go by quickly. Then I am heading back to Spyder to peruse the sample sale with Ken....then we are making an appearance at a swim meet. Finally, we are heading home (nice 3 mile run coming my way-in the dark!) and having tuna casserole for dinner :-)

Tomorrow will be filled up with running, Ken's last 2010 race in Lyons and then dinner with Errin and Colin. Fun Day!!

I am totally looking forward to Christmas! We are road-tripping it and I am super excited :-) The 3 of us LOVE road trips to Wyoming.

Oh....we are finally getting a little "dusting" of snow!! I like it! Makes it feel like winter :-) Finally!

Short but sweet...I am sure I will have more to tell you after the weekend!!

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