Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Sleep] Gone with the Wind

Wow-last night was unbelievably windy...dislike! At about 12:40 the wind started howling enough to wake me up. I was not a fan. It didn't just blow for a little while and stop either. Nope...it just kept right on trucking. Around 2-something Ken got up to survey the exterior of the house to make sure everything was okay. He crawled back in be and we proceeded to toss and turn for the rest of the night. Awesome.

Needless to say, getting out of bed this morning was like pulling teeth. I honestly have no idea how we made it to work anywhere near on-time.

Guess what? It is supposed to be windy all day today, tonight (bummer) and tomorrow. I feel like I may be a little cranky by Thursday.

Now I must resume my entering of notes into the computer from May...don't ask....I'm a little bitter about it :-/


  1. Is wind worse than snow? We got about 3 inches last night. It's still coming down:)
    Sorry I couldn't talk with Ken longer last night.
    If Christmas works for you, it does for us, too!!!
    (Side note - I picked up a couple of cans of the French fried onions for the green bean casserole).
    Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Hang in there. Just a few more days:-))