Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Day

Today is officially my last day at Canyon Chiropractic Center. Crazy, huh? I am pretty super-dee-duper excited. I still have tons of random stuff to do today-and I don't know how we are going to fit the 3 of us in the car after I unload my office..but we will figure it out.

Today is full:
-getting last day drinks with the office (maybe...not my idea)
-fitting in a run...I hope!
-picking up Ken and dropping stuff off at the new office
-Football game
-Home...and CRASHING!

In other news...
-Jasper gets to dress up today at work
-Ken and Colin race Sunday (Ken is moving up to the Cat III group...i'm so proud :-)
-I am dressed like a Twilight vampire today....jeans and a twilight shirt with glitter on my face-creative, I know.

Well-I will let you know how everything pans out :-)

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