Thursday, September 23, 2010

What happened...??

Okay, so I happened to hop on here and realize that I have written a blog since Monday, but for some reason, it didn't post! Boo Blogger! Now I can't even find the one that I had written. Hmmm...that is technology for you.

I cannot believe it is Thursday already....yippeeeee! That could only mean one thing: Tomorrow is FRIDAY!
Who is excited? (**eagerly raises hand!**)

This week has gone by pretty quick. There has not been too much to speak of. Work, work and working out. I have been a little hit or miss with my running-so let's hope that doesn't mess me up too much for Sunday's race. In running news, Jasper and I went out last night at about 8:05 for a nice 40ish minute run in the dark. Ken put a red light on Jasper's collar so it was pretty easy to keep an eye on him. I took him to the park and let him run around like the crazy beast he is and it was pretty neat to watch a red light zooming around the grass. One mistake I made on our run: not paying attention to picking up my feet. Yeah-not so fun to hit an uneven portion of sidewalk with the bottom of your foot! I totally ALMOST ate it-it may have been better if I did fall-seeing as I completely tweaked the rest of my body to prevent meeting the cement face first. Oh well, I am not too sore today.

My parents have arrived safely in the Bahamas (they are there for a wedding). I may be a teeny bit jealous-okay-a lot bit jealous! I hope they take pictures! I am super excited to see them in a week and a half though! We are all headed to Kentucky to celebrate my grandparents' 64th wedding anniversary. So cool!

Well-I better get thinking-gotta teach at our youth group event tonight :-)

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  1. wow- 64 years! your grandparents are amazing! say hi to them for me when you see them. good luck on your race this weekend! =)