Monday, September 20, 2010

Hi there and Happy it Friday yet?

This weekend FLEW by...I really have no idea where in the world it went :-( Why do Saturdays and Sundays go by so fast and the rest of the week drags on and on?

Friday was filled with some work and some other work and a little play! I came into the office for a while and treated a very fun patient and then headed to Sprouts to pick up some essentials. We had fajitas for dinner! Followed by...get this...Hot Tub Time Machine. Now...I normally am a hater of all things "stupid" comedy- I love my sarcastic comedy-but this movie was funny! Yes, it was a little stupid and yes, it was a little inappropriate at times-but it was very funny. I did not even read my book or fall asleep...crazy!

Saturday we awoke to dense overcastness. It reminded me of June Gloom in Los Angeles...but colder! I was very lazy during the morning...I made Swedish pancakes because Ken was totally craving them the day before, but I didn't have lemon. Errin was kind enough to come run millions of errands with me (Jasper came too!). We bundled up-hello 52 degrees!- and hit stores like Home Depot, Sprouts, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, PetCo (Jasper's fave-they spoiled him) and a nursery for peppers. When we got home, Errin made some soup and I made some sandwiches and with that, the boys returned from their first cyclocross bike ride. I will do a more detailed post on that sometime soon-but they both LOVED it!

Post-lunch (ie-shoveling food in our mouths because we were starving), Colin went to work and Errin, Ken and I set out on more errands! Can you believe it? I was exhausted!! But hey, I can't say no to Costco and we DID get blinds for our bedroom at Lowe's!!!! They are room darkening...and not kidding! Somehow, after all or our errands, Errin and I were tough enough to muster up the strength to go for a nice run. Jasper got to swim and he loved every minute of it. We did some post-run yoga as well. Yay us!!! The rest of the evening was spent with dinner and sitting on the couch. I was preparing my lesson for Sunday morning :-)

Yesterday we woke up at the crack of dawn (luckily that means 6:15 and not 5:00 anymore!). Ken and Colin headed up for a Downhill Mountain Bike day at Winter Park. Ken returned with minor abrasions and a gnarly bruise-but no stitches :-) I went to church and taught and then Errin and I hit up the local AMC to catch Eat, Pray, Love. It was always the book was better...and I am pretty sure it was the longest movie I have ever seen! Errin may have fallen asleep for a few minutes while we were in India. ;-) It totally made me want to go to Italy though-and EAT! hehehe.

After the movie, we were starving! I could hear my stomach chewing on itself :-/ So we stopped in at P.F. Changs and split some lettuce wraps and green beans off of the happy hour menu! Perfection!!! We were both quite content as we headed home.

To let my food digest, I decided I would reclaim the guest bedroom from Ken's long lost clothes. I worked diligently to move them all back into our closet. It was a lot of work-but our guest room has been restored to its prior glory!

I also went for a fantastic.hard.superfast.dragJasperbehindme run! He was gulping down water when I gave him the chance to take a break. But it felt SOOOO good! Errin created a very exciting soup for dinner. It involved peppers and it was very good-a little bit more spicy than I am used to, but I will learn I think! Ken and I read in bed before going to sleep. I LOVE when we get to do that! It has been a long loving our room! Now we just need to finish up a few things to we can move all of the tools out ;-)

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