Monday, September 27, 2010

On your mark...

Hello there and happy Monday to you. I hope you had a fantastical weekend! Our seemingly flew by. Friday we stopped on the way home and Ken got his hair cut. It was super awesome and long and I miss it :-( At least I know it will be longish again in a few weeks. After a yummy burrito dinner, we headed to Italy-okay-in the movie Letters to Juliet. It was cute :-)

Saturday Ken and I picked up my race packet and in the process, I may have purchased some new running shoes. My knees have been KILLING me for the past couple of weeks-now they are very happy! Post-shoe excitement, we headed up to Longmont to meet Colin, Errin and Gayle to check out some Cyclocross races. It was really exciting to watch, albeit a little sketchy in the loose dirt. Ken and Colin wanted to check out the competition before they make their debut. Hehe.

We headed home and grabbed some lunch before Ken began a new project in the garage. He and Colin built a super neat bike rack that runs across the ceiling above the hood of the truck. I will try to remember to take a couple pics for you. Later on, the boys went out to play with their cyclocross bikes while Errin, Jasper and I went for a little run (it was pretty easy as I did not want my legs to be too tired for my race).

Sunday morning I got to wake up at a disgusting looking  6:00am! Ewwww...not cool. I had some cheerios and half a banana for breakfast before taking a fresh cup of hot coffee up to Ken to lure him out of bed. I threw on some running clothes and we headed to my race. Ken and Jasper helped me warm up and get all of my stuff together...number, timing chip...who knew you needed so much stuff to run? Errin and Colin came to cheer for me :-) With that, the race was on! About 300 yards into the race, I realized I didn't feel like running-always good on race day huh? Seeing as I would never stop mid-race, I kept going. The entire race I felt like I was going to die. My legs were tired and my chest didn't seem to want to work-I am not quite used to running in the morning and cooler temps. I did my thing and cherished coming around the corner to the finish line! Seeing Errin, Colin and Ken made me pick up my pace.....and finally....finish!!!

Colin took some fun pictures-but blogger is being dumb and wil not let me post them right come later.

Overall, it was still super fun. Not to mention, the Panera Bread breakfast foods I indulged in post-race. I ended up PRing anyway! My first 5K time was 25:43 and this time I did it in 24:55! Who knew? My goal was to be sub-25 minutes and I am thrilled to report that I made it :-)

After the race, we rushed home so I could shower and change before heading to church to teach. The kids were a little bonkers-I think they were tired from homecoming the night before. When we got done at church, Ken and I ran some errands before heading home to work around the house.We go a lot accomplished :-)

What a fun-filled, not.long.enough weekend! Now on to the craziness of this 4 day work week...Kentuck on Friday...6 am flight :-/ hehe

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  1. Good talking to you yesterday and again, congrats on your GREAT time!