Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Packing for a Friday trip on a Tuesday?

Monday can be checked off as DONE...sweet! I guess, in the grand scheme of things, it was not that bad ;-)
Work was eh, work. Jasper and I headed home at about 5 and cleaned up the house a bit. When Ken got home (on his road bike) we headed to the open field to throw the Frisbee around for Jasper. He loved every minute. Part way into our walk, we realized that Chuck would be on soon, so we made it into a quick walk. At home, we finished up some leftover Chinese food-YUM...and watched some very entertaining television.
Errin and Colin had gone to Cheesecake Factory for dinner, so it was just me and my 2 boys.

Somehow we got lured onto the couch and didn't make it off until about 10 (too many good shows on Mondays!). Ken put together his new pedals for his cross-bike so at least he was a little productive. It was really awesome relaxing on the couch with Ken and Jaspy. We have not done that in quite a while and I missed it.

I am glad we took advantage of it when we did because the rest of the week will look very different. Today I am planning on super-cleaning the house and packing for our weekend trip. Yes, I know we don't leave until Friday (plane departs at 6 am!!!-Sounds like a 3:30ish wake up call-blech!)...but we have a ton of stuff going on this week. Tomorrow night I will be attending a Powder Puff football game at 7 and Thursday we will be doing stuff at church until 9:30ish...no other time to pack! I am tired just thinking about it :-/

Well-better get to work. Sorry-still cant get pictures to upload...boo

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