Monday, March 22, 2010

Too short

Well...It has been a while since I have had the chance to post. This weekend just FLEW by! I guess I will give a quick recap:

Thursday night I drove straight from work to DIA to pick up my parents. I was so excited to see them! I went dogless because I knew we had to fit bags in the back and let's face it-Jasper takes up quite a bit of room now! We chatted as we made our way home and upon arriving we were greeted by Ken (of course) and a very excited puppy :-) My parents with Jaspy. We snuggled and licked and showed them all of his tricks (very impressive tricks I may add). We toured the house (which they also loved) and finally snacked on some pizza before heading to bed.

Friday Ken and I had to work. BOO! The snow was coming down-but not quite hard enough to prevent the drive into Boulder. Before we left we put Jasper in my parent's bedroom. He quickly jumped up between them and showered them with kisses. After we left he fell back to sleep in their bed (insert AAAWWWWEEE here). At 2:30 my parents ventured into Boulder to pick me up. Ken wasn't going to be done until 5 and I was eager to get home to hang out. They came in and saw my office and met Craig and Mike. After a little while we headed back out into the snow. We drove past Ken's work so they could see the Spyder building and then we ventured back to the house. I took them the LLOOONNNGGG, scenic, extra-snowy way. We chit-chatted for a while before Ken found his way home through the snow and upon his arrival we left for dinner at RockBottom Brewery. MMMMM mmmm MMMM sooooo gooood! We left Jasper out of his crate while we were gone and NOTHING was destroyed when we got home. Yipee!

Saturday morning we had a spectacular breakfast. Waffles and straight.from.the.pig bacon. Weekend breakfasts are my FAVORITE! The four of us set out for Walmart and Costco. Super fun! Thanks for the house-warming present Mom and Dad!! If you want to see what it was-come visit :-) My mom and I headed to Sprouts and the grocery to pick up a few things while the boys stayed home and figured out how to work our gift. When we got home we fixed up some random things for lunch. I also used my AMAZING food porcessor to cut pretty much every veggie I had for a salad to go with our chicken pot pie for dinner. My dad has issues with Kidney Stones-yeah-ouch! And lucky for him (sarcasm) he had one creep up on him while he was here-BUMMER! So we kind of stayed in and hung out around the house (and snuck out for a walk with Jasper). After dinner (with our perfectly cut veggies), we watched 2012 and snuggled on the couch (it fit all 4 of us-YEAH couch!). The movie was um....interesting. The end of the world-round 132,654 or something. If you want to know about the Revelations. But anyways...we headed to bed sometime after 11:30-a BIT past our bedtime!

Sunday morning we had Ken's FABULOUS omlets with another round of bacon. No joke-these omlets are restaurant quality-probably BETTER. SOOOO good! After lazily showering and getting ready, we all headed up to Estes Park for the afternoon. Jasper got to go too! We walked the streets, enjoyed the scenery and ate some yummy soup (outside because of Jasper-plus it was gorgeous and warm). The drive was nice and long and pretty. On the way home, my dad decided it would be a good idea to stop and have his "stone" checked. So we dropped him off at the ER and went home to wait for his call. It ended up being about 9:30 before they were done with him and we went to pick him up-all pumped up with antibiotics. At least we now know that we have a VERY nice hospital. Thanks for that recon Dad.

This morning I took my parents to the airport..Sad Face..and then came into work. Jasper is not going to be happy when he realizes they have left. Now it is time to get back into a routine...busy week ahead! I have TONS of pics to post-but my computer here doesn't like them, so alas, I will try to have them up tonight!
Enjoy your Monday!

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  1. Thanks again for everything it was fantastic! And we miss all of you already. I'll update you as I know on the "stone".