Thursday, March 18, 2010

A blizzard is coming???

Yesterday was so gorgeous. It was about 68 degrees outside, the sun was shining and the wind was calm. At lunch I decided to take advantage of the spring conditions and head out for a 25 minute walk. Here are a few pics from my trek...

My office is in here:

Bottoms up..

At 4 Ken dropped Jasper off and went to ride with Taylor and then home. I was a little jealous but hey-what can you do? Jasper came up to my office to hang out...

When we got home we went for a walk/jog. Jasper has entered into the crazy teenage phase I think. He is trying to assert his free will-I dont like that very much. But it was a nice jog nonetheless. When Jaspy and I returned home we were excited to see that Ken had also made it back. We sat down to a yummy corned beef and cabbage (and carrots and red potatoes) dinner that had simmered all day in the slow cooker. YAY for St. Patrick's Day!!

Instead of crashing on the couch-which sounded AMAZING-we began EXTREME CLEAN-PARENT EDITION. That's right-after work today I get to head down to DIA and pick my parents up! I am very excited!!! And I must say...Our house looks FANTASTIC.

Well I am off to get ready to head out to a meeting with the youth pastors and then into work from 1-7. Gonna be a busy day!

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