Sunday, March 14, 2010

Playing catch-up

Just a little updating...

When Ken and I got home Thursday, these beauties were waiting for us as a wonderful (pre) anniversary present...GORGEOUS huh? Thanks Rene' and Rob!!!
The funeral was very nice-it was a celebration of Rich's life. Even though the circumstances were sad, it was wonderful to see Errin, Colin and Gayle. After saying our good-byes, the three of us (Rene', Ken and I) headed home for some chocolate cake and some chillaxing on the couch.

Friday Ken and I headed to work. It was a pretty busy day and that made it go much faster. I was super excited that my boss let me escape a little bit early so I could hang out with Rene'. Shortly after I got home, she pulled in with her findings from WOW! I don't think I need to shop for a few months! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Somehow we managed to fit everything into the fridge (you would be impressed if you saw it!) and then headed out for a walk to Sonic. We met Ken for some yummy limeades :-D and then took Jaspy over to the open space for some running.
We finished the night with some amazing tacos and Margaritas and oh....some Survivor! We love that show!!

Saturday proved to be a GORGEOUS day! Sunshine and warm weather :-) We had waffles for breakfast and then had to say goodbye to Rene' :-( We were super sad to see her go (especially on a weekend day) but knew she was excited to make it home to see Rob. Ken and I spent the morning cleaning up and organizing our lives. Mid-afternoon our friends Kelly and Erik came over with their Vizsla, Zaya. Jasper was so EXCITED. He LOVES to run with her. We all went over to Marshall Mesa where Ken and Erik enjoyed a fabulous (muddy) mountain bike ride and Kelly and I enjoyed a nice run for her and jog/ walk for me and our respective dogs. Have you ever walked a dog soley with your non-dominant arm...HARD! After our workouts we had a yummy dinner and some leftover chocolate cake...still yummy :-) When they went home for the evening, Ken and I passed out on the couch.

This morning marked an important event. Ken and I have been married for a year! We can hardly believe it has been that long. Ken went out this morning and got me flowers-insert AWWWEE here. After a fantastic breakfast-omlets with mushrooms, sweet peppers, spinach and cheese with a side of bacon-we went to church for our high school group (couldn't quite get out in time for the first service). We shopped a little...more like browsed for fun...and came home for some lunch. While I cleaned up the downstairs, Ken did some online research and Jasper did what he does best.

For dinner we went to Buca di Beppos!!
YYYUUUUMMM! We both left very stuffed and with enough food for lunch tomorrow. Added bonus-this is the first time we left Jasper home for 2 hours out of his crate...and NOTHING was destroyed. AWESOME! Now we are going to enjoy some cuddle/laundry time....that's a good Sunday night :-)

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful anniversary:-)) love ya