Tuesday, March 9, 2010

change of plans...

I am the biggest schedule person ever. I love order and routine and knowing what is going on and when. And yes, this does make me a little crazy-of that I am aware. I must say that I am getting better, though, at the curve balls life throws at me. Being married has helped a lot. I am much better at responding to the "Hey, is it okay if we ..... tonight?" or the ".... wants to meet for drinks tonight, cool?" These questions used to send me into little micro panic attacks, but now no problem! I would say that more than the unexpected events, the cancellation of scheduled events drives me more bonkers. Planning on a dinner, having it prepared and ready to go in the oven and then the "just kidding" call-those really killed me and I will admit, I am still working of not being irritated by that change in plans.

This week is a different kind of schedule change. I mentioned a couple days ago that Errin's boyfriend's dad was not doing well. Sadly he passed away this weekend. The funeral service is Thursday so Ken and I are trying to rearrange things to be there. Errin and Rene are coming in on Wednesday and while the circumstances are not happy, I am excited to see them. I am hoping that my parents will be able to come the following weekend-fingers crossed!

Our work computers are down still...boo...It makes for a long day. Is it the weekend yet?

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