Monday, April 14, 2014

10 Months…Stop it.

Well, I did a great job of completely skipping the whole 9 month report. Oops. I was having too much fun with Brooke.

So, kind of a combo…

Brookie…you are the love of your Daddy and my lives. You are such an absolute sweetheart and we adore every minute we get to hang out with you.

Exciting things in the last 2 months:

Crawling is now simple stuff, you prefer to be climbing on things. Especially the stairs.

You have started in the last 2 weeks to walk with your walking toy. Today, you went from the front door to the back door. No big deal.

You still only have your front two bottom teeth. Although you have been chewing on everything so I am thinking the top 2 are on their way.

Riding in the cart at stores is super fun.

You say Mama, Mom, Baba, Dada and Arfff.

You love to show off for people once you have warmed up to them.

You got to visit Wyoming and play in the snow. Daddy pulled you around on a boogie board and you thought it was great. You also got to ride a quad for the first time.

You love to get thrown in the air and my heart stops every time.

You ADORE playing with your Auntie Errin!

Food may be your most favorite thing. Any kind.

The bike trailer has become a favorite form of transportation. You like that you get to bring toys.

You love love love books and looking at pictures.

You are still waking up about once a night for food….or to hang out, not sure.

Now you can wave, high five and yesterday you just started to clap. Gosh you are fun!

We love you so much girlie!!! You are the best baby, ever Winking smile

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And from the phone:


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Yes, your dad caged you in a laundry basket :/