Friday, October 4, 2013

16 Weeks and some Pics of Dad too!

Little Miss B is now 16 weeks and is too much fun!

In the last couple of weeks she has been up to a lot:

Loves to giggle when you tickle her neck

Started babbling and “talking” in front of people other than me

Is blowing bubbles and drooling on EVERYTHING

Moved out of the infant insert in the Ergo and is good with the carrier alone!

Been to some awesome bike races

ROLLED OVER. She thinks it is a game!

Loves to sit up-and is mad if you make her lay against you and not sit up!

Loves to come into our bed in the morning for cuddles

Enjoys watching Jasper go crazy!

Ken has been doing some awesome racing and has been on the podium in most races he has done!

I got to ride my bike with Errin yesterday and she kicked my butt! It was AWESOME!

Jasper loves that B is making new noises and runs over to look at her when she makes a new one. Too cute!

I am LOVING playing with our sweet little one and Jasper is loving being at home too!

16 weeks 009

She can stay up on her elbows FOREVER and loves it!

16 weeks 01016 weeks 01616 weeks 01816 weeks 021

16 weeks 023


16 weeks 035

16 weeks 04716 weeks 048

Thanks for snapping some pictures Errin!

16 weeks 05916 weeks 06316 weeks 07516 weeks 07716 weeks 07816 weeks 08116 weeks 088

And phone pics…