Friday, March 15, 2013

10 Things I have Learned…

While being pregnant!

1. The bigger you get, the more helpful your husband becomes!

2. Dogs really do “know”-Jasper is so sweet to me and has become super protective.

3. If you don’t like to shop for clothes in general, you really are not going to enjoy it while having a basketball hanging off the front of you.

4. All of those sweet little kicks and turns are great, until they keep you awake at night or start bruising your organs!

5. You will miss sleeping on your back…and laying on your stomach.

6. The elliptical machine will never get any more exciting-it will always require magazines or TV watching. And you will miss working out until you feel like puking!

7. Your perception of your size will become skewed-so you will repetitively knock yourself in the stomach with doors because you are not used to it being there!

8. The first trimester is a bit rough, the second is AWESOME and the third-well, we shall see! But…from what I can tell, I am going to need more sleep!

9. People that you don’t know very well touching your stomach is a little awkward…even if they ask.

10. Watching the little one flip around inside you will be awesome and magical, but you will also be wondering if there is an alien in there! Little bit strange…and your husband will tell you that if it was him, he would puke! Love it!

Just a few fun things I have learned….have a wonderful weekend!!