Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wisconsin, New Classes and 20 Weeks!

Hi there! Things are a little crazy over here right now….the start of a new semester and all! But I just wanted to take a second to give a little update.

A couple of weekends ago, Ken, Errin, Colin and I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin for Cyclocross Nationals. Someone didn’t want us to leave…


But luckily our good friend, Z took great care of him.

It was absolutely freezing there and the humidity was killer!


Ken did great and finished 4th in his Master’s race! Totally worth the trip to see him up on the podium!


He decided not to race on Sunday because the conditions were a little too nasty and he didn’t want to get injured. His pregnant wife is happy to not have an injured husband to take care of. wink wink.

Since being home, we have been able to do some “relaxing”. It has been great to have weekends, even if they have been filled with lesson planning!

I am teaching a new class that I really don’t know a whole lot about…so Jasper has been helping me prepare…


We went down to the bike awards ceremony last weekend so Ken could hop on the podium again for coming in third in the series.


I would call that a great season!

In other news, I am now 20 weeks pregnant! Hello halfway point!! Weird!


I would still say I am on the smaller side of things. You cant tell in some clothes…but I will take it. Ken keeps LOVINGLY referring to me as fat. Oh husbands!

Upcoming excitement…this Friday is the big ultrasound where we make sure everything is going as planned. And maybe find out the gender!

If spinning around and kicking me are good indicators, I am going to say that it is on the bigger side of things. Ouch! Both Ken and Jasper get to feel it regularly now…and me….it keeps me awake…already!

Time to write a lesson for tomorrow! Let you know how things go Friday!