Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It’s a …..

Friday we had a lovely appointment for the exciting 20 week ultrasound! Ken and Errin joined me…you know, because it was the big one!!

We spent about 35 minutes with the tech and she showed us all of the little parts that make up a baby. Everything looked great (long arms?! Yikes). And we got to find out the gender….Now, I know that you really never know for sure, we have all heard those stories of the surprise in the delivery room….but with a pretty good sense of it being so…it is a …..


I must say, I really had no idea going in. No special feelings, nothing. BUT everyone that guessed…said girl! Mind blown! Ken had been calling her a she the whole time and even my 2 classes thought it would be a girl! Today I confirmed their suspicions and they were not surprised. Pretty funny! I am completely over the top excited! It will be awesome to have a little girlie running around and I feel like I have some pretty solid ladies (her aunts!) in my life that will be able to teach her about make up and fashion (these are out of my ability zones). Ken is extra thrilled (he was not.so.secretly hoping for a girl!)

Little miss B likes to suck on her fingers!


Jasper has been my shadow lately…he always wants to be next to me!!


And he has been enjoying watching some TV


And yesterday winter returned!


This was on the way to the gym…and right after J and I had gone for a walk!

Babywise: 21 weeks. Hello halfway point!

Little B thinks it is a blast to beat me up at the most awkward times…like the middle of the night and driving to class.

Her and Jasper already conspire against me in the sleep department.

Overwhelmed by the amount of baby stuff out there!