Thursday, December 6, 2012


So, yeah, there it is….we are really excited Open-mouthed smile

I am now 13 weeks and pretty excited to be entering the second trimester.

Here are some of the fun (and not so fun) things that have been going on:

Finding out…Remember all of that wackiness of the happenings at church. Ken and I ended up leaving and had to say goodbye to all of our favorite high school students. The morning that this was to happen, I should have started my cycle. Well, I hadn’t. So just for kicks, I took an at home test and it was positive! So, of course, I took another one and sure enough….2 pink lines!

I was pretty much in shock! I walked down the stairs and sat on the couch next to Ken. I showed him the 2 lines and his reaction was a big smile and excitement. So cute. We called our parents that day…couldn’t so much wait. Errr. haha. And then we had to go say goodbye. It was such a morning of mixed emotions.

The first 13 weeks were a little rough. I think the term “morning sickness” sucks. I LOVED the mornings! It was the rest of the day that stunk. By about noon, all I wanted to do was curl up in a little ball and sleep. I felt sick and tired and this made work

Anything raw was disgusting. The sight of raw poultry would put me over the edge and I would literally fall asleep at 7:30 during a show that I REALLY wanted to watch.

Ken is the best husband and switched into dinner making mode and made me eat even if I didn’t want to.

Thanksgiving came and went and we enjoyed having family in town and hanging out. I felt bad because all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch football….and eat pickles. I am a whole lot of fun. err.

Workouts: These have taken a hit. More so because I just have not had a lot of time and partly because I would rather by laying on the couch. I have not been running much, but have found the eliptical to be a fine alternative as well as bike riding and swimming. I tried prenatal yoga last night and while I wouldn’t call that a workout, I will say it is quite relaxing.

Food: I am finally making dinner again! Ken was pretty happy to see Pad Thai and Pork chops on the menu this week without being expected to cook them Winking smile

One weird thing: I did not throw up all of my first trimester…but did today! I blame being stupid and taking my prenatal vitamin in the morning. Oops!!


Hopefully back to the originally scheduled posts with a weekly bump update! To be honest, most people cant tell I am pregnant at this point, but I am sure it will get more exciting soon!