Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weddings and Mosquitos

Workouts: Friday-Rode for an hour, Saturday-Ran 8 miles, Sunday-Rode for 1:10 and played around with some skills, Monday-Ran 3 and lifted.

Oh yet another fun-filled weekend of festivities!

Friday evening I went for a lovely bike ride…the kind that makes you wish you could just go for hours and hours. It was the best! Even better…was having a dinner made by the husband when I got home. Perfection!!

Saturday- Got in 8 awesome miles before 8 am! I was trying to make it to a yoga class, but didn’t quite make it. Jasper and I cleaned the house up and I ran some errands while Ken did a 3 hour crazy-man ride! Nut.

The rest of the day was spent Costco shopping and Olympics watching.

Around 5, we headed to E and C’s to drop off Jasper and to borrow a dress for a wedding we were going to…on the way to said wedding. bahahaha. Thanks E, it was perfect!

The wedding was outdoors and it was beautiful. We enjoyed hanging out with friends and getting eaten by bugs. No joke, I have over a dozen mosquito bites. Ewww.

The moon was huge, not that you can tell from this craptastic picture..


Sunday- Church, housework…bike ride with Ken! It was so much fun riding with him, even though he wanted me to do crazy things! I made some crop circles practicing my turning. It was pretty sweet.

Monday-Clean clean cleaned. Ran 3 easy dreadmill miles (because it was so hot) and lifted! Jasper worked hard too….


In the evening, K and I took 2 of our awesome students Go-Karting-like, gas powered for serious, karting! Indoor! It was pretty insane!! We hit up some ice cream afterwards and then headed home to recover. We are going to miss A when she leaves for school next week! Sad face!!

Today…WORK WORK WORK. Meeting this afternoon and a {thankful} rest day after 4 workouts in a row!

See ya tomorrow!