Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Land of Three Jobs

Workouts: It’s Taper Week! Monday-4 miles (2 fast) plus upper body work, Tuesday-Rest, Wednesday-4 miles pretty easy, Today-Rest.

I race on Saturday. 10 miles. At 7 am. Oh boy! So not ready.

So, it has been a WHILE! Gotta get better at this balancing act.

Teaching is pretty much awesome. I absolutely love it. I need to get a book on a CD to listen to for all of my driving though.

Some excitement…On Saturday we celebrated Ken’s 29th birthday. We spent the day at the US Pro Challenge (Cycling race) up on Flagstaff with E and C, Z, and T and L. It was insane!! So awesome to see the riders…and then ride down the mountain with them. Yikes!!

We headed straight home and got our grub on. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I was otherwise occupied.

Here is the cake that I frosted in the 4 minutes before we left for the race. Oops. Kinda cute though…


Would have been way better had I taken more than the 4 minutes to frost it! But alas, it still tasted great!

I also made my first from scratch peach pie ever and it was delish!

Other than the party, I have been spending time jumping from patients to students to high schoolers…we start back to our fall schedule tonight. And then Cyclocross will be coming soon.

Back soon with more excitement Open-mouthed smile