Thursday, August 2, 2012

Quick Pop-In

Workout: Lifted for 45 minutes with 5 min on the elliptical to warm up.

This morning my crazy husband got up at 5 to ride his bike into Boulder, before riding up a mountain twice for a workout…oh, and he is riding back to meet me this evening. He may be certifiable.

Okay, maybe he is just getting back into some tough training because he found out that he will be racing CrossVegas in a month and a half. YAY!!

I wasn’t planning on making the trip, but I found a really good deal on tickets….so I will be heading to the race with him!! So excited!!

While he was riding, I hit the gym (after I got out of bed at 6:45-I’m a slacker). And then headed to a meeting….at Starbucks.

This guy thought it was great to sit outside and enjoy the morning…


Seriously, 10 people stopped to comment on how pretty he is. I think he is getting a big head!

The other day, I was at Dick’s Sporting Goods and game across these beauties…(ps-yes I was creepy taking pics with my phone)




I am not normally a Nike girl…but these clothes are pretty sweet.

Sorry Adidas!

Now if only they wanted to sponsor me…I promise to shave 2 minutes off my pace! Yeah, right!

Jap and I are working hard…busy little afternoon before we meet our High School friends at the park for a BBQ.

Tomorrow’s Friday…YES!