Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh Thursday

Workout: Didn’t happen last night, so this morning-5 miles. 1 warm up and cool down with 3 fast in between.

This morning’s run was not the most amazing time of my life. It was pretty nice out so that was fantastic, but I got the worst side stitch at mile 3.25 and actually had to stop. No bueno.

Then, we had a little incident with a guy on a mountain bike. Let’s just say he was not happy that Jasper was off leash…and he let me know about it.

It was fine, just not the best run.

Ken was up before the crack of dawn to get out riding (and go to work). He is kind of a rock star.

Post-run, Jasper and I got ready for work. Okay, I showered and he lounged. I had some work to do before a meeting, the meeting, met a friend for lunch and hurried into my office for an afternoon/evening of patients.

This guy is working pretty hard too….NOT


He IS being pretty great in the office today, hasn’t gone into his…can we go home yet? Mode. I am sure that will come soon (probably around my 4:30 patient.

We have some packing to do tonight…so the husband is cooking {Take and Bake Pizza anyone?} Thanks Papa Murphys!

Back to charting and patients….