Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time to Petsmart!

Workouts: Saturday-Ran about 3 miles, Sunday-Rode 13ish miles, Monday-Ran 2 fast miles and did a weight workout, Tuesday-Rest, Today…Gym?

Howdy, Friends…long time no see. Yesterday ended up getting a little bonkers and I didn’t get a chance to hop on here.

Quick weekend recap:

Saturday-Ken raced and took 5th in WP. Errin and I raced around to see the guys and were happy to have the car close when the rain started.


The rest of the day was spent working around the house.

Sunday-Church. I got to ride home while Ken did some mountain biking. It was a blast!! Again, hung out around the house.

Monday-Cleaned like a crazy person, ran some errands, hit up the gym…lost my phone and then found it between my mattress and box spring (apparently when you flip your mattress, you shouldn’t leave your phone there).

Yesterday-Worked…all day. Cleaned. Boring.

Today-Working. Ken is not racing tonight because he has some stuff to do around the house. I kinda feel like the garage is calling my name. It could use some organizing.

But….more importantly….we will be celebrating Jasper’s birthday!! We will be stopping at the pet store on the way home to let him pick out a present!! He LOVES to be the one to choose his toy!!!

Kind of a boring week…but it is in anticipation of a crazy week next week!!! Lots going on!!!