Monday, July 2, 2012

Some Rides, Runs and Camp

Workouts-Um…too many to put here-so they will be splattered throughout!

Hi there! I am back from a week of camp and have a whole lot of fun stories. Too many to put on I will just do some (mostly workout) highlights!

The Saturday before I left for camp, I spent the day hanging out with my lovely husband. We did a nice little ride up Flagstaff…I attempted to be fast, but it was just too hot for that. Ken rode another 50 some miles and dominated the mountain! We also spent some time playing with the pup…





Sunday I had church as usual and then we loaded up and headed up to the mountains for a week. Our camp was at 10,125 feet about sea level….altitude training!


Monday…I ran 3 miles- downhill and then uphill. Oxygen?!

Tuesday….I was a nut job and joined the “running” group for our mountain climb. We climbed just under 2000 feet in under 3 miles. It.was.hard!  Like, really hard. I was the only girl and 10 years older than the closest one to me.

Once down the mountain, I joined a group of my kids for some mountain biking and some more running. They thought I was nuts…and they were right!

Wednesday…Went out for a little white water rafting and made the kids do all the work. It was great!

Thursday…hiked around camp…nothing too exciting.

Friday…Came home!!! Got to go on a 12 mile bike ride with Ken. It was perfect. Didn’t miss the smell of smoke. Ick.

Saturday..We woke up at 5:30 (after a week of no sleep at camp!) and headed up to Winter Park for Ken and Colin’s race.


feedback @ wp epic xc-2 2012 (12)feedback @ wp epic xc-2 2012 (13)(1)

Ken did awesome and finished in 4th place! Good showing for his first WP race this season.

Errin, Jasper and I did a little running while the boys raced, but it wasn’t too spectacular because we had to make sure we were there for the finish!

One of our friends had a little run in with a log and fractured 4 of his ribs…OUCH! So we spent the afternoon keeping him company before he was transferred to a hospital in Denver to check for any internal damages (thankful to say that he is doing okay…minus the not being able to move without pain part).

E, C, K and I hit up the best pizza place in the world (Beau Jos) on the way down the hill!! Score!!

Sunday…Planned on working out, but life happened (oh and I was just lazy). But…I did watch the olympic trials gymnastics!! Awesome!

Today..Ran 4.3ish miles with the pup and it was HOT out! Now, I am working the afternoon away!