Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Relaxation

Hi there Smile

I had good intentions of blogging while on vacation…but it just didn’t happen. I enjoyed spending some quality time with family instead.

Little recap of our doings…

Last Tuesday evening we drove to Wyoming…


We got there at around 1 am and were excited go to bed!

Some doings while we were up there…

We ate…a LOT…of awesome food!

Ken rode and I ran.

Ken went shooting with his dad twice.

I was incredibly lazy and stayed in the house finishing The Book Thief.  Great book!

Jasper played out in the yard as much as possible.


We all went out on the boat (Jasper’s first time)…


Dock jumping!!


On Saturday, we drove up to Jackson to do some racing!

Ken had a rough day and ended up flatting twice and having to RUN his bike down the mountain to change the rear wheel and cassette. Bummer! He still finished 7th out of 14!010


I raced the run…it was 2.6 miles up and 2.4 down…the face of Snow King Ski resort. Apparently I only race up and down mountains now. I did it in 58:54ish. Not too bad.

My mouth is open…shocking..

photo 1(1)

photo 2

photo 4(1)

um, nice shoulder blade…hello posture.

photo 5

All in all, it was the most relaxing we have done in quite some time…especially Jasper…


We headed out early on Monday to make it back in time to go to a friend’s surprise birthday party. It was a blast!

And since then….just working away. Gotta get some house cleaning done this week!!

Back to work…