Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whirlwind Round 2

So…where were we? Oh yeah, collapsing into bed after a NUTSO day!

Sunday morning was a little less crazy. I got to get up and hit the pavement for 4 glorious sea-level miles. Funny, they were still hard. Rusty was still puffy so I had to go solo (Jack doesn’t do the fast stuff for long).

I got home and did a little computer work before we set to work on getting the house ready for a little Father’s Day Party. For 20+ of our closest friends. NBD.

We had everything done and ready for guests about noon and at 1:00 we completely dug into some incredible food. So good!

We spent the day lounging by the pool and eating (2 awesome things). Somehow the sun didn’t even touch my sports bra tan lines. err?

By the time everyone left, I think it was about 9 and I was ready to crash! It was a great party and fun to celebrate with my dad on Father’s Day.

Monday morning was filled with a lovely hike with my mom and the 2 pups. Nobody else wanted to go with us…maybe we smelled funny? It was a great hike and we managed to be done just as it was getting hot. Perfect!

We downed some cereal before setting off with Alle on a shopping extravaganza! We hit up Glendale so Alle could convince me that there was more to life than running clothes (you wouldn’t know that by the outfit I have on now). There was a little of this…



And some grown up clothes too!

Thanks Mom and Alle for a fabulous day!!

We indulged in some In-N-Out for lunch and some PinkBerry for dessert. Heaven.

Once home, we spent the rest of the day hanging with Karina, Jill and Jeff. And by the time 10 hit, I was once again ready for bed and missing these faces…


Tuesday morning saw my return to the airport (it was sad saying goodbye. boo.). The flight was great…until the Rockies, where it got nice and bumpy. But we made it in safe and I headed straight to work….saw some patients…and went home a little early to wait for my boys.

Happy to be home….

To be continued….again….