Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Up, Up, Up

Workouts: Friday-Rode ~10 miles, Saturday-Rest, Sunday-Rode ~20 miles, Monday-Upper body weights

Hey there and happy Tuesday! I am here with a quick run-down of the weekend happenings.

Friday: After getting home from work, I needed to get out and do a little something physical. Since it was 95ish degrees-my desire to run was not vaguely present…so I hopped on my bike to go become Queen of the Mountain on a Strava segment. I did it!! Now Ken and I are King and Queen of the Hill Street Climb. It is like we are royalty or something. Tehe. Post-ride, our friend A came over for Taco night on the patio. It was perfect.

Saturday-I had a service project with some high schoolers and then spent the rest of the day chillin with Ken. We hit up our last graduation party of the year and it was a great time!

Sunday-I taught at church and then we changed in the parking lot to head off on a bike ride. We rode 6 miles into Boulder to a road named Flagstaff. It is about a 3 mile climb (or 4 if you go to the amphitheater) that is tough for about the first mile and then at the end. It is a really fun ride…while you are going uphill! The downhill freaks me out!

I did the climb twice..the first time I went to the amphitheater and second time Ken caught me and coached me down the mountain. Good times.


Once we made it back to the car, we made our way to Costco for some staples and some samples. Yum. We ventured over to help do a couple of little projects with E and C at G’s new place and she sweetly took us all to dinner after. What a fun day!!


Monday-I cleaned the house and shampooed the carpets. Jealous? I also got to go with a friend to get her MRI results. They were good!

I did some upper body work at the gym on the way home and a lady told me that I have nice arms. She is now my favorite ever.

Today I am going through the normal Tuesday motions, but for some reason, they seem harder. I need a mental vacation!!!! No workout because it is super smoky and I am not in the mood to go back to the gym tonight .<---weird!

Alright-better get back to work, files are piling up!