Friday, June 22, 2012

Return to Normalcy

At least for a few days….

Good morning and happy Friday!!! Oh, how I need it to be Friday!

Let’s hop back to Wednesday…I think that is where I left off!

Wednesday was work work work and then a little play. Ken decided to race Short Track in Boulder and it was a blast…



He did great and took 3rd!

We had a little date to Chipotle for dinner and then hung out on the couch until bedtime.

Thursday…Worked out all morning (ran 5 miles with the pup and hit the gym for some arms), did a little grocery shopping, worked and hung out with Ken while watching some Frisbee golf). Went to bed…tired!

Friday….Today is full of work and getting all of my camp info organized. I cant believe that I head to the mountains on Sunday and have to miss my boys for another week! Sad day!!!

Luckily, we will get to hang out a ton the following week!!

Oh…and in cool news, we will be heading to the Springs tonight for some indoor track cycling (watching some awesome races!). Thanks E and C for the invite!

I will be MIA next week….see ya after camp!!