Thursday, June 7, 2012

Invitation Only

Workout: Rode 17.2 miles on the road.

Howdy friends! Let’s take a little look back at last night before jumping into today!

Last night, Errin, Lauren and I hit the town (okay, maybe not the town) for a little retail therapy. Ken had been given an invite to a praAna event in Denver and seeing as he was in a little state named Texas for the day, we had some girl time!

As we entered, we had to give Ken’s name to get in…such a baller. And one we were in…the chaos began. It was a nuthouse in there! People everywhere, clothes being thrown around (maybe that was just in my head)….50% off is a big deal.

We found some faves and hit the dressing room. I ended up with some great pieces…my favorite being these pants…

I would surgically attach them to my body if I could. They are so soft!

We ate some delicious Whole Foods food before calling it quits. I managed to stay under the limit Ken gave me (even including a shirt for him!). Rock star!

On the way home, we noticed the weather getting kinda sketch and by the time I turned on the news there were full fledged tornado warnings. Bah! All the while, Ken’s Frontier flight was bouncing around in the sky. No thanks!

He landed safely and got a big hug when he got home!

By the time we got to bed, it was after 11 and my alarm was set for 5:20. Oh my.

I played the 5 more minutes game once and rolled out of bed to get dressed in my cycling clothes. At 6, I left to meet up with some friends and ride about 17 miles. It was a great morning and I felt so accomplished afterwards…more that I was actually hanging out with people my age than the riding part. wink wink.

The rest of the day has consisted of work. Fun. And getting camp forms together (bane of my existence). Tonight we have a group event (if there aren’t any tornado) so I wont be home until 9ish…and then back at the office at 7:30 tomorrow.

I need a nap…in my soft pants….sigh.