Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Tripping

Workout: Yesterday-rest, Today-4 miles of pleasure running.

After work yesterday, I had mega plans to get a run in…well, Ken decided he is resting this week, so I joined him for some cross training…in the form of wandering around Costco. Is there a better kind of cross training?! I think not.

At home, we were really lazy and watched Point Break (guess who decided on that one). I think it is a cute movie, but boy is the acting terrible!

Ken made his way into the office for some work before bed and then got things set out for his early morning trip.

At 4:30, the alarms blasted and I did my best to fake that I was still sleeping. I must have done a really good job because before I knew it, Ken was kissing me goodbye and heading out the door for the airport. He is in Dallas today for work. No big deal.

In his absence, I got out of bed at 6:45, laced up the shoes and hit the road with Jasper for 4 miles to celebrate National Running Day!! Yippee!!!

I finished off the celebration with a smoothie bowl chillin’ at my new patio set…


It made me feel like I was on vacation….until I realized I was going to be late and booked it to the shower!

Today I have a busy afternoon at work, but then get to meet up with E and L for some girl time…in the form of retail therapy!! PrAna, anyone?! More on that tomorrow!!

Back to work!!!