Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Weekend Away

Workouts: Sunday-7.7 miles of sheer mountain torture. Monday-1 hour of yoga.

Well Teva Mountain Games have come and gone. And boy, was it tough.

Rewind….After work on Friday, Ken and I rolled up to Vail by way of an amazingly beautiful drive.



We made it up to the campsite and set up our tent. It was a rough view.





Lauren and Tim joined us a little bit later and we headed down to get registered and let the boys pre-ride their course.

The venue was great, but maybe not as good as last year.

Once back at camp, we whipped up some dinner before calling it a night.

Saturday morning came and since the boys didn’t race until 11:45, we got to be very lazy in our morning activities. We headed back down to the Games in time for them to get settled and warmed up.


It got cold and rainy during Ken’s race which was great for the riders, but not so great for the spectators/bottle handers.

Burrr….but check out this suffer face!!! Thanks for the photo Colin!


There was some awesome racing going on and Ken finished in a stellar 16th place in a stacked field of big time pros! So proud!!

After a quick wardrobe change, we made it back to the start of Colin’s race, but…



The weather ended up getting so bad that Colin’s race got postponed, then cut short and then just wasn’t worth getting muddy for…so he booked it back to Denver to crush it the next day at Battle of the Bear!

Ken and I ended up with an unexpected date night at a great pizza place before spending a relaxing night hanging out together at camp. It was a perfect evening!

The alarm went off at 6:20 the next morning…although we were up before that and it was time to get ready to run. The weather was great and we headed to the start.

The race pretty much sucked for me. I could tell that my 3 weeks of training were not going to cut it (stupid broken back). We started (like last year) straight uphill and while my legs felt fine, my back started to spasm about half a mile in. No big deal, I thought, I can just hike for a bit.

By mile 2 I was thinking about dropping out. I have never thought that during a race, but I was so close! I wanted to throw up because my back hurt so bad, but kept going. I tried to just enjoy the scenery and any idea of “racing” was thrown out the window.

The course was brutal. Way longer than a 10k and 4 big climbs-even one with stairs…at mile 6. What the?!?! I saw Ken out on course (which was awesome!) and I just wanted it to be over.

I finally finished around 1:40….with nothing left. Even going downhill had been hard. I just wanted to sit! At least my outfit was cute!






The end…thank goodness!

We grabbed some grub and headed back to camp to pack up and head home.


When we got home, we unloaded before putting together our patio furniture…picture to come!

Yesterday, I got ambitious and decided to paint our bathroom. No big deal. And then I threw in a little yoga class at 7.

And now I am recovering at work Winking smile

What a weekend!