Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars Day

Workout: Shooting for an easy 2 miles today.

Get it…May the Fourth….be with you. Yup, I am a total dork. NBD.


Howdy….Anyone else thrilled beyond words that it is FRIDAY. I NEEDED today to be Friday. Not wanted, needed. So thankful for its arrival.

Yesterday was long. By the time 9:30 came, I was happy to be making my way home and totally ready to collapse into bed!

I had patients starting at 7:45 this morning and am at my office until about 4. From here I am heading home to change into running clothes, try for 2 miles, got to a baseball playoff game and then head to an event until 9. Luckily, I live in Colorado where it is totally normal to go out in smelly workout clothes. How did I ever live in LA? Oh yeah, I didn’t run.

The weather today is FABULOUS. It is “hot” outside!! And I am thrilled (especially because hot is about 80 degrees). I will take that everyday!

There are some big plans for the weekend! Shocking…I know!

Ken managed to move about 2000 pounds of dirt for me yesterday (no, I am not exaggerating) so I will be starting to plant away! Yay garden!!!

The two (er, 3 with Jasper) have a hot date tomorrow. Granted, we wont be together for a lot of it…but hey, still a date. We are heading up to Walker Ranch to do some running (me and Jaspy) and riding (Ken).  Here is to hoping my back enjoys 8 miles of trail running!


Tomorrow night we are celebrating Colin’s birthday with some yummy CInco de Mayo inspired food. Sounds delish!!

Hope you have a great Saturday too!!!!