Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Workouts and a Decision

Workouts: Friday-2 miles easy, Saturday-8ish brutal trail miles, Sunday-4 easy miles, Monday-REST, Today-3 fast miles and an upper body workout.

How is Tuesday over already?! Goodness it was a busy day!!

So busy that I am now home on the couch writing this. Weird.

I have a husband who is begging me to work on his tired legs…so this will be short and sweet.

Saturday Ken, Colin and I headed into Boulder so they could ride and I could run with Jasper. Ken managed to forget socks, but luckily I had an extra pair of pink anklets with me….bahahahahhahaha…



It is a good thing that he is fast!

My 8 mile loop was tough. Like, I didn't know if I was going to make it tough. It was hot…it was steep and my body was not thrilled. Ugh.

A decision was made…..I don’t think I am going to be doing my 25k. It makes me really sad, but I just don’t have enough miles on my legs to make it worth it. Focusing on the Teva 10k now.

Saturday evening we celebrated Colin’s bday with some yummy tacos at their house. Errin had played (and won) a sand volleyball tourney earlier in the day, so all of us were nice and tired.

Sunday I went to church per usual and Ken did his 100 mile ride. He had a blast hanging out with some friends while riding. I met them for lunch (after my little 4 mile run) and then we headed home. Thanks E and C for Jappy-sitting! He LOVES hanging out with you guys!

Monday…so much cleaning and errand running was done that I never made it to the gym. Impressive. Plus, it rained all day.

Today it looked like this…


and of course, I spent all day working away. Bummer.

After work, I picked up the Jasper and dropped him off at home. He was a little sad when I put on running clothes and headed out the door to run to the gym. Sorry buddy, next time.

I am now exhausted and ready for Saturday. That may be a while…….