Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rough Night

Workout: Yesterday-4 miles, trail. Today-REST

Just wanted to say a quick hello! I am doing my usual Thursday thing over here.

Yesterday I had a fabulous 4 miles run…on dirt. It felt amazing. Little sore today so I am doing my best to rest and recover. Didn’t take my camera because it looked like it may rain-but Jasper and I were lucky and it stayed dry.

Last night Ken had a mega-project and didn’t come to bed until almost 2. I vaguely remember wandering into the office at 12:30 am half asleep. Thankfully he thought it was cute and not creepy.

The good side of that….he got to stay home today and have some time to himself. I am spoiled with Mondays….so I am thrilled that he gets to hang out a little (and get me dirt for my garden!).

This morning we had Swedish Pancakes for breakfast and even got to take Jasper on a walk to the park. Did I mention he brought me coffee in bed?! I thought he was the one who only got 4 hours of sleep.

Sorry for the randomness of the post…I am off to finish charts, hit up 2 soccer games and then spend the evening with some high schoolers.

Oh…and I could use a chocolate shake.

Happy Thursday!!