Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Races, Runs and Rides

Workouts: Saturday-Ran 7 miles. Sunday: Rode up a canyon. Monday-Ran 3 miles and weight workout. Today-REST!

Well hello and happy Tuesday.

Can you believe it is already May 1st?! I really have no idea how that happened!

This weekend was pretty spectacular.

Friday: I rode my bike to a baseball game-in some crazy winds. I literally almost blew over-not even kidding. Almost ran over a snake-good times. Ken picked me up about 5:45 and we headed home to get our grub on. Before we knew it, it was time to head to X-treme Challenge. We cheered for kids as they did all sorts of crazy competitions. I was exhausted just watching them!

Saturday: Woke up before the alarms and got all our stuff together to head out for a race day. We made it just in time for Colin’s start. Jasper and I spent the day running with Errin….back and forth on the course. In total, we ended up with about 7 (3.5 into the wind, 3.5 with the wind) miles.

The race was a blast to watch (and super close to home!) and the weather was pretty great (minus the wind).

feedback @ koppenberg 2012 (10)

feedback @ koppenberg 2012 (23)feedback @ koppenberg 2012 (30)

feedback @ koppenberg 2012 (43)

feedback @ koppenberg 2012 (45)

I cant take credit for any of these photos-they are all courtesy of Annette from Mountain Moon Photography!

J @ Koppenberg (1)

J @ Koppenberg (2)

I know I am biased, but he is so cute!!

Ken did awesome and took 2nd place! Okay…these are mine….


The rest of the day was spent being productive-didn’t expect that one did you? Ken finished my first raised bed and worked on the lawn. Crazy!!

Sunday: Church. After church, Ken hit up the road to Boulder to do some riding. When I was done I followed him in with the car and my bike. I ended up having a mechanical problem…but I fixed it! Crazy again! So my ride ended up being shorter-but on the plus side…I got to ride with Ken. He made it a point to drag me out of the bad mood I had created for myself. It was a great ride-I had to work hard!

Special thanks to E and C for hanging out with Jasper for the morning!!!!!!

Yesterday: The usual. Got a TON accomplished. Like…really, a ton!

Today: Work work work….rest rest rest…..and we shall see what the rest of the day has in store for us!