Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Picture-Perfect Hike

Workouts: Yesterday-45 minute hike with the pup. Today-Running…but not sure what!

I did it!! I remembered my camera!

Impressed? I am.

Jasper and I took a little hike up the Flagstaff Trail in Boulder while Ken did some hill intervals.

This is the trail that I did my hill repeats on last Wednesday. Jealous, huh?


Jasper found a ball…second time this week!




I don’t even want to think about how many animals are lurking in the bushes….especially when Jasper does this…


Thanks creep dog!


Great place for intervals, right?!  As long as I don’t eat it!


We had a great hike and met up with Ken at the bottom of the mountain.

The rest of the night was pretty relaxed. So much so that I actually did the dishes.

This morning, Ken had a dentist appt and he survived (much to his surprise). I enjoyed the extra hour at home before heading into work.

Excited for whatever run the afternoon has in store for me!!