Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Workouts: Somehow yesterdays rest day turned into a little hike. This morning: .5 mile jog on the dreadmill (crappy) and a weight workout.

Yesterday afternoon, Ken had a little interval workout to do. “Little.” Tehehe…maybe shorter than normal, but the intensity is never “little.”

While he was doing his thing, Jasper and I roamed around some trails….



I used this picture to try to convince my mom to move here. Something about a little one year old keeping her in Cali…pssssh.

Jasper thought it would be fun to pretend that he is a vicious dog…

“Look at my tiny, scary teeth….grrrrr”.  I don’t think he could be scary if he wanted to.


When we finally made it home (Sprouts, picking up the truck) we made some yummy dinner and some even better ice cream. And then I proceeded to get ready for bed at 9. I’m really cool.

This morning, Ken literally had to drag my behind out of bed. Too much sleep? Maybe. We did the gym thing…I was going to try to do my run on the dreadmill, but it just felt crappy….so afterwork I have a date with 4 miles of dirt.

For now, though, I am in patient mode with some camp registration thrown in. And for some reason, my shoulders are driving me bonkers today. Boo!

Time for some charts-double boo!!