Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Workout: Running up Flagstaff after work.

It is just one of those days where it feels like I have 15 things going on at once. Oh wait, I do!

This morning, I was able to use my secret special powers to convince Ken that we should just turn of the 5 am alarm and skip the gym. That extra hour in bed felt amazing!

We were planning on getting our cardio in after work anyways, so that just means I will need to throw in some leg stuff too.

Today I am working on getting camp registration forms organized, while making graduation cards in between seeing patients. Always a good time.

In thinking about my run today, I ponder what to carry….

Normally I have:

-Shock collar remote

-Car Key


-Camera (when I remember it)

-Water bottle (for the dog-unless we are running by a creek)

Really, that is a WHOLE lot of stuff. I have thought about wearing a running belt to house some of it, but I am afraid of chaffing. Plus, who knows when I will need the shocker, water or camera-they have to be in my hands!

Suggestions on what to do with all of my stuff?! I WOULD hide my key on the car, but it is keyless entry…so if someone walked up and pressed the button, it would open right up. No bueno.

As for now, it is like getting an upper body workout WHILE running!

PS sorry about the rant Winking smile