Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morning Run and a New Addiction

Workout: Yesterday’s workout got pushed to this morning. Jasper and I did a ladder workout. A mile warm up and cool down with 1235321 minutes hard with a minute in between.


It is Thursday!!! That means tomorrow is FRIDAY. Someone’s excited…me!

Yesterday afternoon didn’t play out quite the way I had anticipated. Ken decided to take a rest day (because he has a big weekend of racing) and so I decided to follow suit. Maybe because it was windy and dark and gloomy…not such a fan of running in the wind.

After I picked up the boys, we headed home and I was in quite the productive mood. Weird when that happens after a day of work. I fixed up dinner while Ken battled new bike tires in the Man Cave.

In all of my productiveness…I managed to take 0 pictures. Fail.

Post-food consumption, the yard called to me. It wanted me to mow it! Now, let’s get something straight. Mowing the lawn is Ken’s job. Mostly because he LOVES it! So when I mentioned to him that I wanted to do it…he fought hard. Something about having time over the weekend (clearly he has not seen the Google calendar yet). I finally wore him down and he let me have at it. It was great!!! I know it isn’t perfect (um, it was 8 and getting dark), but it will do! I felt so accomplished, that afterwards, I made homemade Clif bars before calling it a night.

This morning, J and I set out for our run and even as we left the driveway, I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be. About a mile in, I decided we would rock the ladder workout. So….we ran hard for a minute, off a minute, hard 2 minutes, easy minute, hard 3 minutes, easy minute, hard 5 minutes-yup-clearly I did not major in math-that should have been 4 (and was where we were going to head back down the ladder) so 4 became 5 and we just called it good and headed back through 3, 2, 1….and finished with a mile cool down.

My goal was to stay under 8 minute mile paces during the hard (I think I did all but the 5 minute section-and that was just for a sec). The last hard minute…we ventured in to the 6-something pace. Sweetness! It was a fabulous run.

Now on to the addiction. It is called Strava. It is pretty much a website that you upload your Garmin info to and it lets you compare your running (or riding) times with other people. It is a pretty awesome way to keep track of everything and see where you stand. Ken has been on it for a while and LOVES it! Now I cant seem to pull myself away either!

Well I better get to working…news tomorrow on the crazy weekend of racing ahead!!