Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mile Repeats

I was going to call this an “Ode” to Mile Repeats, but then I realized that I didn’t know what constituted an “ode.”

I have a love/hate relationship with these crazy things.

I love that they are only a mile long….but at .6 of a mile, the whole thing seems like an eternity.

I love that my Garmin shows a great pace for the first .3 miles…but things get tougher after that.

I love that I get to say that I did mile repeats….but only runners really know what that means.

I love that a lot of people do them on the track but I do them on a dirt path with hills…..but I do them on a dirt path with hills!

I love the intensity of the pounding of my feet into the ground…but my body isn’t a big fan.

I love that Jasper starts in front of me every time….but ends up behind me halfway through.

I love the 3-5 minutes of rest in between each…..but it is never long enough.

I love that my muscles feel like they are working hard and getting stronger….but hate that I hobble around the next day.

I love that I feel like this after each one…


but actually look like this…


Thank you Mile Repeats, for everything you are!!