Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Little Bit of {Rainy} Speed

Workouts: Last night-10x 2 minute intervals with 1 minute rest between (Mile warm up and .5 mile cool down)…on the dreadmill. Today-3 mile easy run in the wind.

Hey there, friends! Hope you are having a delightful Thursday!

Last night I was a good little runner girl and headed to the gym to get my speed work in. It was quite rainy outside and after it took us over an hour to get home, I was in no mood to Man Up and head outside.
Sooooo…I joined the rest of my wussy friends and hit the treadmill.

It actually wasn’t too bad…mainly because I wanted to die from the speed work that I couldn’t even get annoyed that I was inside. People around me looked at me funny as I went from sprinting to jumping onto the outer edges for my “rest”.

Never a dull moment gym goers….never a dull moment!

My evening escapade meant that dinner didn’t happen until about 8…and by that time Ken and I were not speaking to each other because our stomachs were growling too loud. Something happened for the rest of the evening, but I really cant remember. Yikes.

This morning was filled with chaos. We hit the road tomorrow (after I am done with my half day of work) so I had to get everything prepped this morning (because I am nuts and decided to say yes to seeing patients until 7 tonight).

Jasper enjoyed hanging out while I cooked some ground beef, cut up veggies, baked some cookies and a bunch of other pre-camping things. Around 11, I decided I better take the little man out if there was any hope of him sleeping the whole way to Gunnison. We did 3 easy miles in the wind-that were much harder than they should have been.

Now…I am going to finish up my evening of patients before heading to the store to pick up some chocolate milk and pickles (Ken’s requests-you would think he was pregnant or something). Then…onward home where I must finish packing and then collapse into a heap onto my bed.

Let the day continue…………