Thursday, May 10, 2012

Like a Flash

Workouts: Yesterday: 8x30 seconds, 4x1 minute hill repeats up STEEP Flagstaff

Yesterdays workout was a killer. No camera-because really I didn’t go that far. Seeing as Ken was doing repeats, Jasper and I decided we would copy him.

And oh, how they sucked! In a good way of course. The trail is super rocky and essentially “stairs” in some areas. Even Jasper was tired at the end. At one point, I thought I was going to see my lunch…again.

My legs were amazingly shaky on the way down and the rest of my was EXHAUSTED. I am happy to report that the back did great and even the muscles in my behind are starting to come around. It seems that the more I tone them up, the less pain I have. YES!

This morning I had a meeting and then headed into my office for a quiet, relaxed catch up on stuff day. The messages on the phone had other plans. The day is now pretty full. I’ll take it. Plus, group from 7-930 tonight. Oh Thursdays.

Sorry for the crappy pictureless blogs two days in a row. I promise to have some tomorrow, even if I have to “borrow them” from somewhere else Winking smile

Catch ya later!