Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What? Earrings are supposed to match?!

Workouts: Rest day today….but I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow.

Howdy and happy Wednesday Smile

You know it is going to be one of those days when you look in the mirror at work and realize that you have been walking around all morning with 2 very different earrings on. Yup, I’m that cool. Maybe people thought it is a new trend?!



Today is shaping up to be pretty gorgeous….


I take some of my best photos at 40 miles an hour. shhhhh.

Ken is having a good day at work….so that makes my day all the better!

Tonight I have a mission: make a pasta salad dish for someone’s going away party tomorrow….I clearly did what anyone who doesn’t typically  make pasta salad does….I googled it. Oh my goodness…there are a bajillion types! I think I will stick to the “original” …. I’m such a wuss!

In other news….I am pretty excited for Saturday and Ken’s first race of the season! The weather is supposed to be fabulous. Post-race, I am trying to convince Ken that we should go to our local dog Easter Egg Hunt. Cant you just see Jasper searching around for treat filled eggs…..fingers crossed!

Back to work!