Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stormy Night

Workout: Was going to go for a walk but it rained!

Howdy! Little bit sleepy over here today…just ask the dog..


Last night around 11:30 we had a huge storm roll through our neighborhood. Jasper let us know just as the hail began to slam against the windows and the thunder began to roar. Not to mention the bright flashes of lightning. Could it be springtime in Colorado?

There was a moment were I considered heading to the basement in fear that a tornado would swoop us up!

All that to say…I am a little zombie-esh…although Ken let me stay in bed until almost 7 this morning! Such a sweet husband!

On the exercise front-Today I tried “prancing” around my office and had only a teeny bit of discomfort in my low back. One more week until I start to really get back into running! I was thinking about being a rebel and trying this weekend-but the weather is supposed to be craptastic so I think I will take advantage of my last week of elliptical and head to the gym.

Interested to see how the process of starting over with running goes…fingers crossed! 5 weeks tomorrow since the epic crash!

Here’s hoping to a full night of sleep!