Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Productive Morning

Workout: Half jogged and half walked to the dog park with Jasper.

Happy Thursday everyone! It has been a busy one over here.

This morning I slept through my 5:30 alarm (or it didn’t go off) to go to the gym…but I was a much nicer person rolling out of bed at 6:15. You’re welcome Ken.

I made up for my extra slumber by getting a ton of things accomplished around the house. I….

-made berry-filled pancakes (Ken’s idea)…and YUM

-did two loads of laundry (okay, Ken threw in the first one)

-made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

-made homemade pizza (for my lunch and dinner and Ken’s dinner)

-cleaned the kitchen and did all the dishes

-cleaned up the house

-fed the dog

-half packed for this weekend


-loaded up the car and left on time (at 9:30)

And…I managed to take pictures that Spring has Sprung in our yard!




My always beautiful model…




Jasper and I made it to work right on time for our meeting. We have skills!

After we finished up with our meeting…we stopped in at my office to check messages before setting out on a little adventure around town. We jogged to the Dog Park (and it felt good to be moving faster than my snail-paced walking of the last 6 weeks), played there for awhile and then strolled back through town. Spring is here too!



Now I will be spending the afternoon treating patients and then the evening with some awesome students.

Tonight I better finish packing because tomorrow we are driving down to Pueblo with Errin and Colin for Ken and Colin’s race Saturday morning…..and we are leaving from work. Eek…so much to do!!

Better get to it!