Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lost and Found

Workout: Yesterday- 3+ mile trail walk/prance/kinda jog….oh yeah! Today-not sure :-/

Okay, yesterday afternoon was great. Jasper and I hit the trails while Ken and Colin did a little mountain biking. I told myself I would only walk…but then I just couldn’t help myself. I felt pretty good jogging-but I can tell that the soft tissue in my, um, rear is still pretty icky. That didn’t feel great. But heck, I will take anything. I could also tell that my low back is STIFF and I think it will take a while for running to be comfortable again-I may need some yoga thrown in there.


It is hard to see, but in this picture Jasper has on two collars (one orange and one green…



But in this picture he only has one (the orange one)…


Um yeah, we lost a collar-it just fell off! I didn’t notice until much further down the trail-I must have been watching where I was going-or daydreaming. Jasper and I searched but to no avail.

When Ken and Colin met back up with us, I told Ken about our tragic loss and he decided to take a stab at locating it. And guess what….he did!! No joke…I have no idea how, but am so thankful! Yay Ken!!!!

Jasper was a little tired after his workout (he went swimming too).


Post-trails…we dropped Jasper off at home and Ken and I headed to Rock Bottom for Burgers and Beer. It was quite the date-especially since we didn’t get there until about 8:30. We were both starving and devoured our meals. They didn’t disappoint.

What a cool Tuesday!

And now…onto the workday!