Monday, April 23, 2012

Little Sand, Little Sunburn


Workouts: Saturday-Walk and run about 7 miles, Sunday-Bike Ride 1 hour, Today-Ran 3 miles and upper (and a little lower) body workout.

Oh Monday night, how do you come around so fast?

This weekend was an absolute blast. After a sleep deprived Friday night at a hotel (, we awoke at 5:30 to get ready for the day.

We scarfed down some continental breakfast before heading to the race venue. The weather was perfect. A little brisk but nice and sunny.

The boys got all of their stuff together (there is a lot of “stuff” when it comes to mountain biking!) while Errin and I packed up the extra stuff (see) to give them in the feed zone.


Jasper supervised, as always.


Errin and I walked the 2.3 miles uphill to the feed zone/finish area to wait for the guys to roll through. Ken took his goodies on the fly and Colin stopped to refill his pockets. At this point they were 22 miles in and had another 22 mile loop before they finished.

Jasper did what he does best….


While the guys were hitting up lap 2, Errin, Jasper and I went for a little run/hike.





We caught up to Ken just as he was about to turn the corner to the finish line.


Second place in the pro field! Awesome day on the bike!


Colin finished a bit later….such a tough course!

I had a blast running with E and J…and ended up with quite the sunburn…through sunscreen?!

Post-race, we headed up to the Springs for dinner with some friends before getting home and collapsing into bed.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of joining Lauren at the Denver Bridal Expo-we had so much fun and even indulged in some Pinkberry. Yum! Once home, we went for a little bike ride. That part was even better.

Today I have done the usual cleaning, baking….etc. I ran the 1.5 miles to the gym, lifted and then ran the 1.5 miles home. Good times.

Now I get to spend the evening sitting on the couch next to my favoritest husband….better get to it!